Companies come in all shape and sizes. All companies have at least one thing in common: they need to retain their employees. Tactics vary, but many leverage team-building exercises (like trips, events, games etc.)

One of our clients,, the largest IT provider in Iceland with 650 employees, recently hosted a day of fun for their employees. It’s fairly common for companies with hundreds or thousands of employees to split things up a bit, usually taking a few departments together on a team-building trip or event. Advania employees took to the streets with their phone in hand and a list of challenges to complete.

list Teams of employees received a scavenger hunt (i.e., to-do list) of challenges to complete. The team decides over the course of the day which of the challenges they’d like to partake in and which to leave out, ranging from giving a random stranger a high-five to taking a picture in front of a famous location. Tougher challenges yield more points. To verify a challenge was completed, the team had to either take a photo or a video on Watchbox and share it with the entire company.

The scavenger hunt had two awesome effects with the help of Watchbox for Work.

  • Though only 15% of the employees are located onsite and able to attend, nearly 100% of the company experienced the event through viewing and commenting on the secure platform.

  • Each team became increasingly more motivated as a unit by seeing what challenges the other teams are doing.

After a few hours of scavenger hunting, the party was taken to an outdoors event with music, food, and fun.

Results on Recruitment and Retention 🔥

  • The HR management team planned the challenges to be interesting and fun to see, making the photos and videos entertainment for the entire workplace. But, what they also planned, was using the media from the event to recruit new talent; helping to spark interest with future talent and recruits by displaying the culture as fun, easy going, and inclusive.

  • Because everybody at the office was able to follow their coworkers through out the day, the HR team managed to build up some excitement for the upcoming days-of-fun for other departments.

  • Because there are 650 people working at Advania, having a part of the company doing team building and the rest just watching, helps to familiarize people with one another and bring employees closer together.

How to replicate this, step by step 👣

  1. Create and print a list of challenges
  2. Split the group into teams
  3. Explain the rules and hand out the list of challenges
  4. Await for the awesomeness to happen
  5. Check and see which challenges the teams ticked off their list
  6. Check out all the posts in Watchbox from the teams and select which ones are extraordinarily good
  7. Gather the teams, give out rewards for the greatest posts and announce the winning team (who got the most points)
  8. Have a good time!

If you got the time for it, you may want to rate how many points a team gets for each post.